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Thoughts on Gold (2/18/11)

As much as our government and the mainstream media would like us all to believe that our present fiat currency system is somehow representative of “real” money to some degree, you really don’t have to look too far down into the “rabbit hole” to recognize that it’s all one big charade. While the U.S. loves to promote the “strong dollar” policy, if you really want to know what our government regards as real money, ask yourself why we’ve been sitting on top of one of the largest gold reserves in the world. The U.S. has somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 tons of gold—some debate that it’s more, some less, but all don’t really know because Fort Knox has not been audited in a LOOOONNNG time. Our paper money system exists only because it is far easier to manipulate than gold itself.

Many people debate the viability of gold for any type of monetary uses; the usual suspects argue that because it doesn’t pay dividends, it pays no interest, its trading patterns are volatile, and it doesn’t “produce” anything, it should not be thought of as having any type of monetary use. I say that the very things that make gold so “boring” also qualify gold to be one of the most stable forms of money around. Never forget that gold IS money—it’s not just worth money, but it IS money. Gold has been the money of kings for thousands of years. Gold has INTRINSIC worth. The only currency systems that have ever proven to be relatively stable and sound have been gold-backed currency systems. What you’re currently seeing with gold hitting new highs every single year since the year 2000, is not so much the value of gold increasing as it is the value of the dollar decreasing. That’s a heavy thought, but it’s absolutely true. I know that there are all kinds of armchair economists that would love to weigh in on my thoughts, and they probably know way more about economics than I do, but I can go ahead and tell you that when our current fiat money system comes crashing down—as all fiat currencies ultimately do—I would much rather be holding physical gold bullion than a bunch of worthless pieces of green paper.

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